Texparts® Bottom roller bearings

Precision needle bearings with high load bearing capacity

Among the machine components responsible for yarn quality, top rollers and bottom rollers are by far the most important. Precise concentricity guarantees high yarn quality (evenness and strength).

Bottom roller bearings UL are used in ring spinning machines and roving frames as well as airjet spinning machines. As top-quality needle bearings they decisively contribute to spinning quality and operational safety under conditions of high load and speed.

Guidance versions for ring spinning machines and roving frames

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Texparts® bottom roller components are available for three different guidance versions in the roller stand: 

  • Central guidance through central holding lug of locating cap for matching recess in roller stand
  • Lateral guidance through inside fixing at roller stand by means of lateral lugs of locating cap
  • Die-cast caps with locating clip for lateral guidance.


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  • Absolutely precise running behaviour
  • High load bearing capacity
  • Smooth and jolt-free start-up
  • Ideal running behaviour
  • Synthetic needle-roller cage with lubrication groove for optimum bearing lubrication
  • Secure positioning of the locating cap on outer ring by fine thread of the lubricating nipple
  • Hardened locating caps for firm seating of the bottom roller inside the roller stand
  • No edge running of needles in sagging roller stands due to crown-ground outer rings
  • Dependable sealing of bearing against fibre fly and dirt.

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