Texparts® Bottom rollers

Quality makes the difference

Among the machine components responsible for yarn quality, top rollers and bottom rollers are by far most important. Precise concentricity is a function for yarn quality (evenness and strength). Equally influential are the running conditions of top rollers and bottom rollers to yarn breakages etc. Precise running top rollers and bottom rollers allow to extend the spinning limits into finer ranges.

Thanks to a highly developed manufacturing technique respectively adaption of the state-of-art, Texparts supplies bottom rollers with outstanding narrow tolerances of dimensions B, α and T.
Bottom rollers which do not even nearly match those criteria are quite frequently encountered in practical operation.

Texparts pays special attention to the couplings of the bottom rollers. The ever increasing length of ringspinning machines pose higher requirements on couplings.
The transmission of increasing torque at lowest possible torsion requires a well balanced layout of neck diamter H, length of fit PL and length of thread GL.


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