Weighting arms Texparts® PK 2630 SEH

The most flexible weighting arm

Texparts has again set the pace with the most sophisticated and flexible weighting arm available on the market.

The concept for the new series was easy. From all only the best combined with technology competence, innovative assembly methods and absolute perfection.

The Texparts® PK SE Series are mechanical weighting arms for materials like cotton, man-made fibers and blends with staple lengths up to 60 mm. SE stands for single element and means absolute independent working loading elements.

The latest addition to the series, the PK 2630 SEH is for ring frames with hexagonal support rod. Therefore the PK 2630 SEH is the dawn of a new era in weighting arms for ring frames with hexagonal support rod, where the alternatives have been more limited than for ring frames with round support rod. Standard cots with a diameter of 32 mm can also be used with the PK 2630 SEH.

Impacts on your spinning mill

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  • the flexibility to react on the changing market requirements
  • reliable spinning of roving with high twist
  • easy exchange of single elements in case of lapping
  • exact and user-friendly height setting
  • load visualization for each element
  • maintenance free – fit and forget

Texparts EasyFit

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This feature stands for a secure fixing of the weighting arm on the support rod. It ensures a simple mounting on the support rod without any damages.

Texparts EasySet

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This feature stands for a maintenance free, quick and very accurate height setting function of each weighting arm. Due to the exact and user-friendly setting the time consuming height adjustment now is a thing of the past. Texparts® EasySet enables less variation of yarn quality from spinning position to spinning position.

Texparts EasyHandle

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The easy handling is guaranteed by a new lever construction with antirust function. Very little force is needed to open and close the weighting arm. Less strain while handling causes less stress on functional elements and ensures a longer service life. Due to the covered design a non-rusting lever is ensured.

Texparts EasyDraft

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EasyDraft is the smart system with the following four useful features. Absolute independent working single elements. Easy and fast conversion from 3 rollers to 4 rollers drafting system possible. Easy and secure adjustment of single elements. More flexibility. New top apron cradle concept

Texparts EasyIndicate

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The visual load indication is more than just a visual support for checking the alignments. It ensures a tactile setting of the load as well as the save latching into the required position.

Minimal maintenance

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The PK 2630 SEH is a pure mechanical weighting arm, which hardly requires any maintenance at all. The loads are constant during the lifetime and do not need any re-adjusting. This leads to a constant and uniform load and consequently high consistency in yarn quality can be guaranteed. As the construction is free of any wear and tear parts in need of regular changing, the maintenance costs can also be kept at an absolute minimum.


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