Texparts® Top apron cradles

In terms of an optimized spinning process Texparts® Top apron cradles with individual apron tensioning concept offer decisive advantages compared to other types. They are available for a wide range of fibre types and lengths.


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  • Low friction and gentle apron running thanks to the special surface structure and ideal combination of materials
  • Ideal parallel positioning of top apron cradle and top roller
  • Individual tensioning of aprons per spinning point
  • Savings in time of up to 40 % due to simple apron exchange without the need to remove the apron unit
  • Lowest possible stress on fibres during drafting and gentle fibre guidance

Pre Spinning

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PK 5000PK 1550PK 1500
OH 5022
OH 514
OH 5042
OH 534
OH 5245
OH 524

Short staple ring spinning

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PK 2600 SE/SEHPK 3000PK 2100PK 2000
OH 2122
OH 2132
OH 2022• (82.5 mm Only Gauge TW)• (82.5 mm Only Gauge TW)
OH 62• (90 mm Only Gauge TW)• (90 mm Only Gauge TW)
OH 2142
OH 2042
OH 132• (82.5 mm Only Gauge TW)• (82.5 mm Only Gauge TW)
OH 122

Long staple ring spinning

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PK 6000PK 1660PK 1601
OH 2402
OH 554
OH 6022

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