Texparts® Top rollers

The Benchmark on the top roller market

The quality of the top rollers used in the spinning process is of vital importance for the quality of the produced yarn. Top rollers from Texparts with antifriction bearings are used in drafting equipment for ring spinning machines and roving frames in both cotton and worsted spinning. A wide range of top roller versions and gauges offers the ideal top roller for every individual application.

The smooth running of the top roller with its direct contact to the roving influences the drafting result and therewith the yarn quality achieved.
Texparts® Top rollers LP 1200 Series or LP 1000 Series are used as rear and front top rollers as well as top apron rollers in drafting systems of short staple roving frames.


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  • Long service life due to
    • Optimized bearing seal
    • Saddle shaft corrosion free due to nickel plating (LP 1200)
    • Potential for extreme high load capacity (LP 1200) or high load capacity (LP 1000)
  • Absolute maintenance free (LP 1200) or long term maintenance intervals with simple lubrication (LP 1000)
  • Smooth running performance
  • Highest manufacturing precision

Pre Spinning

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PK 5000PK 1550PK 1500
LP 1015
LP 1016, 1017




Short staple ring spinning

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PK 2600 SE/SEHPK 3000PK 2100PK 2000Rieter Drafting System
LP 1002
LP 1003
LP 302

Long staple ring spinning

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PK 6000PK 1660PK 1601
LP 1014
LP 1016, 1017



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