Spindle Bearing Units Texparts® HF, Texparts® HZ

Texparts® HF/HZ Spindle Bearing Units have proven their worth in millions of installations in the spinning mills worldwide. The Texparts® HF/HZ Spindle Bearing Units assure perfect running characteristics in the low and medium speed ranges, and even up to high speeds.




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  • spindles for cotton, worsted and semi-worsted spinning
  • spindles for tire cord and technical twist
  • draw-twisting spindles for small and large cop formats
  • spindles for doubling glas fibres
  • special spindles for double-twist and two-ply doubling frames
  • wrap spinning and core twisting
  • two-for-one twist


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  • low energy requirements thanks to the use of small roller bearings
  • optimum damping effect in every speed range thanks to oil-filled damping springs
  • sturdy and well-tried design for many years' service
  • extremely long maintenance intervals