Texparts® Complete spindles

Complete spindles with spindle bearings Texparts®CS 1, Texparts®CS 1 S, Texparts®CS 21 12

The CS 1 spindles are today standard for the original equipment of all important ringspinning machine manufacturers all over the world. Due to their outstanding running behaviour and load capacity, the CS 1 spindles are used in a broad range of applications in ringspinning.

Texparts offers a comprehensive range of complete spindles for various kinds of spinning and twisting processes:

  • cotton spindles with bare blades or with aluminium plug 
  • worsted or semi-worsted spindles with or without spinning crowns 
  • spindles for draw-twisters, for small cop sizes     
  • spindles for twisting machines

Applications and solutions

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All spindles are optimized considering 
- the tubes to be used 
- the type of spindle drive 
- the minimum and maximum speed required and 
- other customer's demands

The spindles will be equipped with the most suitable spindle bearing unit. Furthermore a wide ranged variety of different flange-, brake- and locking types as well as other spindle accessories are available. Texparts® Complete spindles are available for machines of all well-known manufacturers or can be produced according to customer's request.


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Complete Spindles supplied by Texparts are high-tech products offering decisive advantages to the customers:
- one supplier for the entire system unit
- better yarn values thanks to lower vibration
- noticeably lower noise emissions 
- higher spindle speeds 
- reduced machine vibrations 
- clear energy saving 
- minimal maintenance required

Form of supply

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Texparts offers complete spindles equipped with the spindle bearings Texparts® HF und Texparts® HZ for the most challenging applications. Spindles for heavy duty applications have to be attuned to the particular requirements of the customers, therefore Texparts able to deliver standard designs as well as taylormade solutions.


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