Texparts® Zero Underwinding

Prevents underwound ends to avoid subsequent cleaning 

The new Texparts® Zero Underwinding concept with smart design ensures the prevention of underwound yarn ends for precise functioning during all stages of a spinning cycle.


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Reliable Clamping of the Yarn Ends
The smart design provides sufficient clamping force at all times.
A preloaded spring ensures secure yarn clamping.

Fail-Safe Yarn Cutting
Thanks to the steel yarn cutter, safe cutting based on V-shaped teeth with sharp cutting edges is achieved. Compared to other systems, the solid metal yarn cutter retains its superior cutting quality. Even challenging yarns like very coarse yarn counts or manmade fibres can be cut simply and safely.

Precise and Long-Lasting Function
The centrifugal ball principle of the Texparts® Zero Underwinding system ensures a precisely defined opening and closing speed. A uniform and sufficiently large clamping and opening gap is guaranteed at all times, ensuring safe operation. The yarn is securely removed.

Easy Handling
The easy and quick replacement of the Texparts® Zero Underwinding system - in cases of maintenance - is ensured due to less working steps.


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