Texparts® Spinning rings & travellers

Running Performance at its best

Rings and travellers are the dominant elements in the ring spinning process. Key to success is the reduction of the coefficient between ring and traveller to the lowest level possible.

At this point you will achieve the perfect balanced spinning geometry, which means that the spinning tension is on a constant balanced level.
The reduction of friction will be obtained if the rings and travellers establish a symbiosis. Therefore the Saurer Components’ R&D focused on the ideal combination of rings and travellers.
With the new Texparts® Rings and Travellers the perfect combination of the ideal ring and traveller has already been defined.

Traveller´s benefits

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Texparts® Travellers offer the following benefits:

  • smart traveller design with different Texparts® Traveller Coatings for an optimized balance between traveller speed, life time and yarn quality
  • universal suitability
    • no time-consuming and complex management of diverse traveller types 
    • time savings on every lot or traveller changes
    • reduction of spare parts on stock

Ring´s benefits

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Texparts® Rings offer the following benefits:

Texparts® Ring coating guarantees 
- no running-in time 
- longer service life for ring and traveller 
- consistent smooth running behavior

Highest contour accuracy
- no variations in ring sizes 
- perfect roundness means no vibration during spinning

Outstanding flexibility
- the new ring design ensures high speed spinning for all fiber materials and yarn types 
- vast yarn count ranges


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